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The Old Brookfoot Lake

Brookfoot Lake used to be an old gravel pit, filled with water and a lot of potential. Visitors today who haven't seen the place for some time will hardly recognise it. The lake now has three islands which have been landscaped and planted.Old Brookfoot Lake, View from the centre.People visiting Old Brookfoot

There are pegs that have been constructed to fish from, so muddy boots are a thing of the past. We have ample parking space and the path is now surfaced with limestone chips and goes all round the lake providing easy access to the fishery. The new path also makes it much easier for the disabled or wheelchair angler to get to all but a few pegs. (Care must be taken at the waters edge however as the water is deep). The photographs were taken around fifteen to seventeen years back and show little vegetation, even the car park is a thing of the future.Old Brookfoot Lake, people visiting.

The group of anglers are crowding around someone who had just caught a carp in a match being held on the lake. The angler in repose is also chancing his arm in the hope of a carp and before the bevy days. As for the view over the top end of the lake, our little forest has taken over.

  Old Brookfoot Distant View Old Brookfoot From Centre Old Brookfoot Lakeside