All About Our Waters & Where We Fish

The Calder & Hebble

The canal water offers approximately 3 mile of typical canal fishing and is part of the canalriverstrust Calder and Hebble waterway. The sections are identified by local names generally descriptive of their location. Access is relatively easy to most lengths with parking at or close to access points. Towpaths are all tarmac and can be very busy at times. Some long walks/pushes may be necessary to reach all parts of the fishery.

Cooper Bridge Cut

This is a section of the Calder and Hebble navigation that flows under the A62 at cooper bridge. Please note it is jointly held with Bradford No1 AA. Pegs are not marked and members need to be aware of boat moorings and some steep banks downstream of the A62 road bridge. Fishing is for roach, perch and chub with good pike in the winter too. Access to a new car park in the bounds of the sewage works upstream is by means of a movable but locked post - Key available on deposit from Calder Anglers and must be returned after fishing. The car park is shared with Bradford no 1 AA and Mirfield Angling Club.