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New Venue for the AGM We have booked the Thornhill Briggs working mens club, Old Lane, Bradford Road, Brighouse on Wednesday the 29th October 7-7.30 for a 7.45 start. Pie and pea supper to follow. Please bring membership books for entry

James Meade continued his big fish habit with three bream for 14lb the winning catch in the thursday night match on the lake, see photo left.

Juniors activies this year wll be on each Wednesday through the holiday i.e. weds 23rd july, 30th july, aug 6,13,20, 27.....Please book on with Clive or Sean. Non members welcome as part of national fishing month but must be booked.

20th May - Members need to be aware of the lorry traffic during the week as the projected development gets under way.....Please do not attempt to park in areas liable to be on the route or turning areas. Blue Badge members may find others in their dedicated parking at Riley`s - please ask that room be made for your vehicle.

All plastic imitation baits have been banned following decision at committee.

9th October - Rileys Pond has opened completely. As of 4th october the water will be monitored to ensure fish stocks remain healthy. Thank you for your understanding.

2nd September - URGENT - Please note that Riley's Pond has been closed for a minimum of 14 days from the 2nd of September. This follows fish infestation of parasites during the long spell of hot, dry weather. Committee members will monitor the pond and put the pump on to add oxygenated water on a frequent basis.

24th August - The last committee date for this time will be Thursday the 3rd of October.

24th August - The new date for the AGM will be the last Wednesday of October at Rastrick Bowling Club.

15th April - Rileys pond now fully open for fishing and the fish are responding well to different baits following restocking of roach /rudd / skimmer bream and carp (small). Existing stock of carp and simmers also feeding.
Please be aware...there's more work to do on new bank pegs.

15th March - sees the opening of the north bank ONLY on the pond - please keep off newly landscaped south bank until work is completed.

February 13th - Good pike reported from canal and lake ..picures to follow we hope. River producing odd catches of decent grayling but it is a matter of moving pegs till you find out where they are. Rileys pond .. strage odd catches of single species..chub of roach or gudgeon ...but rarely all feeding.

March 2013 - Teams of four match programme starts on the first sunday in march and all canal lengths may be affected every Sunday in the month NB. April 14th is the canal river trust clean up in the town centre.

Flooded canal yields carp to newcomer!! Given the canal was flowing faster than the river on saturday 23rd june no one expected to catch except new member Gareth Binns who decided to have a go with worm and immediately hooked into this carp!!

Big Carp those of you that have followed recent contributions to the forum will be aware of the discussins over the size of our carp a 22 pound specimen has already been confirmed this month ...and we are awaiting confirmation of a twenty five 25 as well!

A lot of work has been done over the spring and members who haven`t been down should be impressed with the site. We have a resurfaced -and well used- access track to the pond and placed a car park for the blue badge holders adjacent to the pond, there are tow dedicated passing places part way.
We have cleared out many pegs on the lake and improved access to others. A temporary portaloo (please treat with respect) has been placed nearby the pond. We are to install 6 platforms for those who are disabled four on the pond and two on the lake as near to parking as possible, Please make available to those anglers in wheelchairs as priority, thanks.

Stephen Jolliff

"Matt and I did an overnight session 16/05/11, I got there around 3pm, after walking around the lake I decided to fish between the 2nd and 3rd island on the road side. I had one rod straight out in between the islands right in front of the weed beds. My second rod was to the closest point to me of the 3rd island. After about 10mins I landed a nice looking 9lb linear mirror so things were off to a good start. Matt turned up about 4pm in the peg next to me. From then on, just had knocks and beeps but nothing came of them. About 9:45pm I put the rods out for the last time before nightfall came, me and Matt were sat outside the bivvies and were just chatting, I said "The rod out to the islands won't do anything as I've had no activity from that rod."

Anyway, 5 minutes later the rod screamed off, I jumped up and rushed to the rod and pulled up into it, the fish had gone straight for a weed bed, so i just kept the rod tip up high and waited for it to come through, next minute the rod flew up into the air, I said to Matt "No, its come off" as i reeled back into the slack line it was still on! The fish was really digging deep and fighting hard, at this stage the fish felt like a decent one but I could not put a weight on it, as all the carp down brookfoot fight hard.

After several minutes the fish came to the top, matt was stood there ready with the net, I shouted "get it in the net" and the fish was landed. We were both like "Wow thats a big fish" After checking for any damage etc I decided to weigh it (no damage to the fish whatsoever). Weight came in at nearly 20lb, but after deducting the weight of the weigh sling I had the true weight! After a final check i put the fish back. I was thrilled at the weight, fight and the quality of the fish. I'm still very pleased to this day. I posted on a forum called NCFF, where there's a few carp lads from brookfoot.

After looking at woody's pics from the other year and mine, I said it looks like "Apostrophe" Woody saw the pics, he confirmed it was, so not only a big fish also the waters trophy fish! Matt put the idea about a magazine into my head, so i emailed anglers mail, and they said "we will sort something out" Couple of weeks later its in the mag.

Here's some technical info:-
Fish (apostrophe) Weight 18lb 1oz. I can confirm the weight plus Matt can too.
Fox Digital Scales used.
Bait, Cell Boillie

We have reports of an 18lb fish from the lake and would like the captor to forward confirmation and witnesses. Iit would appear this superb fish has all the marks of being the Current season record....Unless you know more??

Members please be aware of a closure taking place on the lake - there will be a ban on fishing in the bay area near to the ski lake end. This will be temporary but strictly enforced in order to protect spawning fish.Thank you for your cooperation. BAA committee. May 12 2011.

Members please be aware of a concern over irresponsible behaviour on the lake side - this is a night fishing issue primarily and guidelines will put in place to moderate behaviour of the minority who offend. The committee will also consider a total ban if unacceptable behaviour is found to be a problem.

Three new pictures of local predator hunter "young joe clegg" with three of his captures. Thankfully only the perch - a beauty of 2 1/2/ lb from the canal on the willows length-was taken off our waters. Have a closer look on FishPics!The AGM Meeting will see big changes to the structure of the committee as your existing Chair and General Secretary resign. New people are invited to join and contribute to the running of the Association over the next 12 months. Your chance to get involved.

Results of the AGM were:-
Chairman - Mr. - D Finnegean
Hon Gen Sec - Mr. S Auty

Night fishing is now allowed on Brookfoot Lake for all committee , officials and bailiffs. The AGM Meeting will see big changes to the structure of the committee as your existing Chair and General Secretary resign. New people are invited to join and contribute to the running of the Association over the next 12 months. Your chance to get involved.

October 1ST marks the start of the half price membership period. For these last three months of the year all categories of membership will be able to join on very attractive terms. Remember too that the full membership rule allows you to fish Tony Rileys pond and the river Calder...fantastic !!

Clive Milsom

July officials winner club sec Clive Milsom receives trophy from Association President David Airey closely watched by match sec, Steve Mitchell.

Keep close to the bailiffs for new info on where the fish are shoaling on the canal tri cast -calder teams of four. a typical mixed picture for the match lads as tightly packed fish meant you had to be on 'em to catch 'em. Several lost fish wd seem to indicate the bonus fish are staring to feed too but it was the winter roach that dominated and boy did they get their heads down. 14lb for a winter win on the canal by the impressive alan crook from fox match took top honours with lee shaw on his home patch bringing 10lb to the scales for an excellent second. grahm Batemans third with 5lb and several 2lbs showed what this water can produce but as indicated above there were several blanks..even next peg to these shoals of prime winter roach..bring on the warm weather!!

Rileys pond is beginning to show the sort of form that we have been used to -nothing spectacular -yet!! but it wont be long. Don`t ignore the roach here too as there are some solid fish being taken as well as many of the newly stocked carp. Brookfoot still very cold but odd fish responding to those that know the water - again stick close to the bailiffs here.

It wont be long before the big pike get their appetite back after spawning both here on the canal so expect to catch in these coming weeks.

The river has seen little change as the cold water continues to flow steadily in but the few grayling do seem to be getting bigger and the trout are coming into their own after spawning. Please note this venue will shut completely on the 15th MARCH to the 24th of March, both of those dates included. The committee can confirm success full stocking of fish into the waters, lots of roach into the canal, pop shop, willows and match length, roach into the lake and roach and carp into the Pond, approx £5k in value and lots of good quality too! We are also grateful to the environment agency which has stocked small roach into Red Beck, adn kossets about 150lb in each location. These fish were surplus stock from a pond in sheffield and we were delighted to give them a new home !!..for free too!!

Members Annual Night Permits £30.00 are available from Calder Anglers Supplies please attach two passport size photos to your application if you are a member who has not held a permit previously, thank you.

Stephen Hydes

Stephen Hydes with the now famous capture from the calder- hebble navigation of an ide of 4lb 4oz is an absolute belter. Widely reported in the angling press it is one of several such fish that inhabit our canal waters particularly the Red beck and Kiddies section at Brookfoot. Stephen is well used to catching better quality fish as he demonstrated in the christmas cheer match (see note in results) with 4lb plus of roach and skimmers from the basin at elland for second place overall. See photo left.

November 22nd Pike seem to be moving into the winter quarters closely followed by the dedicated pike anglers- the reason would seem to be following the prey as the roach are being shoaled up tight look to all the favourite winter venues on both canal and lake-though it may be a bit early in the season for the lakes pike stock to take an interest just yet.

Rileys pond still producing odd fish on the calmer days and nice to see the better roach showing again clearing water colour will make things more difficult generally but you wont catch em sat at home so a couple of hours in your chosen spot will break up the day nicely and could easily throw up some beauties.

Much of the tarmac seems to have been laid so erstwhile off limits canal venues eg the willows are worth a session so too browns until the fish all go into the basin as the frost sets in the river has been understandably out of sorts but should fine down well enough for the returning grayling to give good sport throughout our lengths.

The river water continued to provide good sport despite low water levels however the week over half term is likely to throw up the best weights of the autumn as the water gets a much needed flush of warm wet stuff-a long time coming this season. Pleasure anglers in the industrial length pick up a mixed bag of fish but it seems the railway wall is the place to be for a selection of better fish.

Elland park and Lowfields too provides sport for all but be aware of the closed season for trout as they move into the spawning areas - plenty of grayling and odd chub and pike to keep you going though.

Even Riley`s Pond has been slow as the high pressure has built and taken its toll over the last couple of months. Aire and calder navigation all along its length is fishing very well especially for mixed bags of silvers , lots of perch so get along and enhou a good day out. Directions in book and in club map book also map on web page.

Horace Morton

Vice president Horace Morton with his best catch of the day from the lake in late September.... about 10lb of carp! See photo right. Early August see canal results for last two matches in July !!

Rileys pond is as consistent as anywhere - even the kids are picking up 2-3 lb of fish in a short afternoon session and the venue specialists are having a great time-lots of fish to meat and pellet as well as Red maggot- including several catches of quality roach..and some of the biggest Gudgeon in the county!

Brookfoot Lake Looks as well as ever with plenty of colour and has seen a rise in pleasure anglers -between the showers -but stilll plenty of room especially on an evening to go and catch now the carp lads have moved ove rthe border

Those of us who just want an afternoons sport should enjoy themselves on the Lake as the shoals of smaller Roach and Perch begin to show with a vengeance...fifty fish at a sitting is well within reach of the maggot angler who perseveres to find the right depth at which these shoals are feeding. A little ground bait with chopped worm just over the weed will keep the Perch busy and added hemp and caster plus maggot to encourage the roach a litttler further out. Fishing loose feed in three feet may bring the fish up in the water when the sun has had chance to warm the uppper layers but little and often may not always outscore the ground bait approach.

Thursday Canal League 30th July Crem and POp Shop...bream dominated the latest canal Match as the winners all had quality samlpes in their nets but it was young Steve Avenue who took the top spot confirming his potential. NINE BREAM ..and odd Perch for 28 lb 1/2 oz..hows that for an evenings fishing?!!!! Runner up John Holdsworth often figures and it was two Bream (7lb) the night that helped him edge in front of Chris Lees (5lb) in another good contest on these lengths....and who said the canals not fishing when two weeks running the bream have decided to play?!!

Rising Sun Sponsored Open Calder hebble navigation Brighouse to Elland , Monday 31 August. 1st prize £200.00 Plus paying first four places plus all sections draw and presentation White Horse Inn, Rastrck-opposite calder Angklers Supplies -Breakfasts , sandwhiches , tea coffee etc from7-30am Please ring for detail;s 01484 711063...bookings only strictly by £5.00 deposit at the tackle shop.

Rising Sun Winners Rising Sun Winners. Rising Sun Winners.

Photos are of the officials presentation meal at the rising sun, scholes -thanks to Michael and Karl for their hospitality Memorial Stone A decision has been madeover the memorial stone (generously provided by marshalls) and we are hoping to see the inscription in place shortly -already completed is the fencing and garden-supported by scotts fencing and landscaping.

Guess The Weight!

Guess The Weight
This trout was the first sent to the web by this member who assures us that it went 5 1/2 lb..now we know there are several bigger than this one but who will beat this seasons entry????. Thanks for those who guessed.

The BAA would like to thank TRI-cast for the luggage raffle prizes and those members who regularly buy lucky -and not so lucky ! -numbers. Lee Shaw, the latest winner of an 8 tube rod / pole holdall kindly donated his prize for the kids so one youngster will be very lucky in the end of summer FREE DRAW !!

Members will have noticed that the Memorial Stone in the car Park has yet to recieve its inscription.... we will sort this asap

Night permits for the rest of the year on an annual basis £30.00 are still available. Note that we are trialling a photo card system this time and you will all, old and new, night members be asked to provide two passport size photos-thanks from the secretary here for returning yours asap. Single night permits are aslo available £5.00 for those who just fancy the odd session.

Thursday 2nd April Carp are starting to move on lake -witness a nice mirror @14lb mark for one of the regulars and a shoal of mixed sizes on the canal side bank, only odd bream so far from the lake. River calder reports of several trout along all our reaches but none of the biggies ......yet!!

Confirmed winter stocking of the lakeBream = 365lb mixed sizes with lots of skimmers; Tench 700+ and 475 roach 8-10inch sample of all fish @ 25 of each into Rileys Pond these fish are responding to anglers baits in the week (but not the tench during the match) all fish will likely shoal up prior to spawning and the BIG PIKE and PERCH follow closely so expect to have some spectacular action as the big female pike feed up in what is the prime time of april for these predators bailiffs are checking the canal for catches -particularly around the RED BECK and CLIFF FACE at Ganny Lock.

We seem to have waited quite a while for the pond to turn on and now it has -with a vengence too for some pleasure men. First RILEYS POND league match on saturday 28 march saw 24 anglers fish in a biting northerly with the odd freezing shower for good measure !! a couple of blanks but most people had hold of a carp and a good slection of silvers too. top weights for 1,2 and 3 were 17lb +, 14lb+ and 11 lb + A PLEASING START TO THE SERIES - particularly as some of the pleasure men had "emptied it" on thursday.

Mr Colin Richardson RIP "A guy who loved to fish." Colin died on the 2nd February 2009 Colin was a Vice President following on from his committee membership (1968 – 1985). A keen and accomplished Roach and Bream angler, Colin sharpened his skills in the highly competitive Brighouse match scene prior to moving onto the commercials. Most of our trophies bear witness to his skills as one of our finest match men over a 20 year period. As recently as 2006 he won the Calder championship with several big chub and in 2007 took a huge *Swale barbel on his first outing with the halibut pellet! The Brighouse Angling Association has lost one of its greatest supporters in general committee and especially the match committee.

All aplications for new 2009 night permits (annual) will be considered by the committee-application forms available from Calder Angling Supplies only

Big Fish For The Few -those of us brave enought to face the cold have had little to shout about except for the Grayling catches and out of season Trout on the river one beast of a fish around the 9lb mark and a couple at 4lb+ for one of our Bailiffs. All fish are tightly shoaled up and hard to find

Jan 09 The stocking of our Bream and tench has taken place successfully into the Lake ove rthe last few weeks so get ready for some action as soon as the weather turns

Fish Stocking Two big inputs of stock fish have taken place over the last few weeks - firstly @500 tench 8-10" into the Lake in the middle of November with a few more to come in the New year. Secondly many splendid Bream and quite a few Roach again into the lake on Christmas eve. Both stocking activities were well witnessed by Bailiffs and committee members and some keen types have already been down to fish...and caught... We expect the big |Roach stock to arrive in the New year with the likelihood of some for the canal too..depending on what our supplier is able to get for us. As in recent years all stocked and ordered fish are mature and over the 8" length..we hope to place photos online.

Thought we ought to spread the good news Dec 11th: that the roach Are back in the canal -not everywhere yet but the winter hotspots worth a look from now on best confirmed report of 20+ fish to the lb From outside the lake all on punch.... unless you can better this?... photos to follow.

Night permits are now in the calders anglers suppliesso join up and get yours - annual permits must be applied for but single night sessions are available on a limited basis for members only in both cases. The river threw up some cracking gayling and trout before the rain -fiSh to 9lb big olg Brown trout!! and a couple to 4lb 13oz for the bailiffs.

The Rising SunBrian Clegg and David Airey

Members need to be aware of the dredging done to red beck and ganny lock last week 19-23 jan when 800 tons of silt were removed. This channel downstream of the beck end should now go to 6 feet in places and we should not have the spectacle of beached barges on red beck corner and hopefully the bream shoal will settle in soon. watch out too for the resident chub on the beckend be aware of match bookings here on the weekendsand full closure of the ganney lock last week in February, first in March as the gates are repaired.

Photos of Brian Clegg and David Airey with wives and host Karl and Michael at the rising sun after enjoying their celebration meals courtesy of BAA long service recognition awards.